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360mediapix is an innovative digital media marketing company providing visual, virtual & interactive media solutions for our customers. Based in Donegal, Ireland, our studio delivers virtual interactive marketing media that enhance viewers’ experience.


Our digital media company is aimed at providing high-quality 360 virtual walkthroughs that include interactive media tags. Our 360 Walkthroughs are a great way to give your clients a preview of any space or property.


Our experts offer professional services in design, developing, and publishing interactive 360 Virtual tours that contribute to the development and promotion of our clients’ businesses. We work with companies operating in various sectors, including residential, commercial, and public premises. 

At 360mediapix, we are focused on creating dynamic and interactive virtual experiences that meet all customer requirements.

Our professionals offer a wide range of services, such as 360 virtual tours real-time virtual property walk-through complete with branding and interactive tags, integrating them all seamlessly together through the medium of a digital brochure. 

We also provide 4k photography, HDR photography 360 photography, and, in addition to our virtual tour hosting.

Our digital interactive marketing brochure has full HTML5 support, easy website embedding, document analytics, and more. Add branding, lead capture, videos, and links, track statistics, readable on any device.

Be it a property for sale, gym, Hotel, beauty salon, restaurant, or vacation rental. we can provide the full marketing solution. 


360 virtual tours open vast opportunities to international buyers as it is now possible to view a property from any place in the world.

Real estate professionals can now market properties on a wider scale and expand their client base, as 360 virtual tours are available for any buyer in the world.    



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