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Now You Can reach your clients from Everywhere!

Fashion forward “Geraldine Ogs”, renowned for its high-end fashion, was seeking to increase their customer engagement and showcase their product lines online. With a dedicated Facebookfollowing, a virtual marketing package opened new opportunities for the business to be open 24/7 for customers locally, nationally and internationally.


A virtual tour of “Geraldine Ogs” means that a customer can walk around the store virtually, viewingstock as if there in person! A click on interactive links shows the colours, sizes available and prices of items along with short video clips of the items on a model. This perfectly lit tour, completelycontrolled by the customer, means that “Geraldine Ogs” is open for business 24/7. The tour, photography and video clips provide perfect social media content and with it’s link to Google Maps means “Geraldine Ogs” is not just easily found but always open.

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